Chana Daal Halwa |How to make Chane ki Daal Ka Halwa

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March 21, 2017
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Kaleji Karai Recipe | How to make Kalje Karai in Urdu
March 21, 2017

Chana daal halwa.

Chana daal halwa is such a unique recipe that is loved in our Sindh and all over Punjab. The combination of grains with a sweet touch is perfect for occasions, festivals and of course family dinners or lunches. The recipe is so easy that you would definitely be going to recommend it for your breakfast routines or out time hunger.


  • • Chana daal 500g
  • • Sugar 2 cup (0.47 l)
  • • Choti elaichi(as required)
  • • Coconut powder 1⁄2 cup (0.47 l)
  • • Milk 1litr
  • • Almonds(as required)
  • • Kishmish(as required)


STEP #01
Soak the chana daal overnight before making halva. Collect all the ingredients.
STEP #02
Put soaked chana daal into milk and let it boil and cook it until the daal is completely soft.
STEP #03
Grind the chana dal with milk and make its paste. Cook the paste in 2 Tbs of oil add all the ingredients and cook it until the oil separates.
STEP #04
get the halva out in a bowl and garnish it with almonds and serve hot or freeze it for 2 to 3 hrs if u like it that way.

Step 1

1. Soak chana daal in water and leave it overnight.

Step 2

2. Now put the soaked chana daal into a utensil and add milk in it and bring it to boil. 3. Cook it until the daal is fully done and the milk dries out.

Step 3

4. Now grind chana daal with milk and set aside. 5. Now add oil in a pan. Fry Choti elaichi in it for a minute and then add the grinded mixture of daal and milk in it. 6. Cook until the oil separates. 7. Add, sugar and half litre milk. Stir well until sugar dissolves.

Step 4

8. Now add kishmish and almonds and cook until the oil separates. 9. Add coconut powder if u want or u can skip. 10. Garnish it with almonds.

Chana Daal Halwa How to make Recipe at Home. A Step by Step Complete Perfect Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa . Easy Halwa Recipe with easy method.